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Depicted below is a collection of DC-4 scale models including plastic and die-cast.

Some items below may be available from The Aviation Shop in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Douglas DC-4 Skymaster
South African Airways Museum Society Historic Flight
Plastic snap-fit model
Scale: 1:250 Product Code: DC-00400J-003
Available at The SAA Museum Society Museum Gift Shop

HobbyMaster British Eagle DC-4

HobbyMaster British Eagle DC-4


HobbyMaster HL2004 Swiss Air Lines DC-4


Mach Douglas DC-4 C-54 Skymaster
1/72 scale

Minicraft 14497 VC-54C Sacred Cow The Original "Air Force One"
1/ 144 scale

Model Minicraft 14500 Pan Am DC-4
1/144 scale

Minicraft 14520 C-54 Skymaster The Candy Bomber
1/144 scale

Minicraft 14523 C-54 Spirit of Freedom
1/144 scale

Minicraft 14530 American Airlines
1/144 scale

Minicraft 14549 Blue Angels Support R5D-3
1/144 scale


Minicraft 14552 United States Coast Guard R5D
1/144 scale

Model Minicraft 14561 USN Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Famous R5D-3 Operation Deep Freeze
1/ 144 scale

Minicraft 14568 C-54 USAF Thunderbirds Support
1/144 scale

Minicraft 14614 C-54 Skymaster
Kit includes 2 marking options
USAF C-54 45-0557, USAFE, Germany, early 1960s
USAF C-54 42-72488, MATS, early 1960s
1/ 144 scale

Rare plane Douglas DC-4 C-54 R5D-3 Skymaster with Merlin Conversion
1/72 scale