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C/N 43067

Douglas DC-4

c/n 43067 ZS-IGB

Service history below courtesy of Australian Airliners (AussieAirliners)

Ordered new by Trans Australia Airlines
28 August 1946 Entered onto Australian Aircraft Register as VH-TAC
Registered to Department of Civil Aviation
22 October 1946 Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission
28 October 1946 Departed Burbank on delivery flight to Australia
31 October 1946 Arrived Melbourne at conclusion of delivery flight from U.S.A.
Aircraft was named 'John Forrest'
1 December 1946 Operated first revenue service with Trans Australia Airlines
22 April 1948 Sold to British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines
22 April 1948 Reregistered as VH-BPA
Aircraft was named 'Adventure'
25 April 1948 Operated first B.C.P.A. service utilising aircraft owned by the airline
Flight crew: Capts J.W. Bennett, V. Polley, J. Bonnington
Route: Sydney-Nadi-Canton Island-Honolulu-San Francisco
15 February 1949 Sold to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd
15 February 1949 Reregistered as VH-EBL
Aircraft was renamed 'Hong Kong Trader'
3 March 1949 Operated survey flight Sydney-Darwin-Labuan-Hong Kong (Capt E. Simms)
21-24 April 1950 Operated first Qantas DC-4 flight to Iwakuni, Japan and return (Capt L.M. Hampshire)
December 1959 Operated last flight to Noumea
13 January 1961 Sold to Ansett ANA
13 January 1961 Aircraft reregistered as VH-INY
15 January 1961 Ferried Sydney-Melbourne on delivery flight
17 January 1961 Operated first Ansett ANA revenue service Melbourne-Devonport
16 November 1965 Leased to McRobertson Miller Airlines
1968 Converted to freighter configuration
Aircraft had flown some 33,856 hours
18 December 1969 Ownership transferred to Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) P/L
24 December 1969 Withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Melbourne
1 January 1970 Entered onto South African Aircraft Register as ZS-IGB
2 January 1970 Cancelled from Australian Aircraft Register
5 January 1970 Sold to Marine Diamond Co, Johannesburg, South Africa
5 January 1970 Departed Melbourne on delivery flight to South Africa
10 January 1970 Arrived South Africa at conclusion of delivery flight
January 1972 Transferred to Consolidated Diamond Mines
May 1972 Sold to Suidwes Lugdiens / South West Airways
Aircraft was named 'Ondangua'
5 October 1977 Withdrawn from service and stored at Windhoek, South Africa
January 1979 Scrapped at Eros Airport, Windhoek for parts

This aircraft had the distinction of being owned and operated by all four Australian airlines

c/n 43067
Suidwes Lugdiens
Windhoek Eros Airport
Photograph: Kjell O. Granlund Collection