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C/N 10337

42-72232 Douglas C-54A-10-DC built 1944 United States Air Force USAF
39175 Douglas R5D-1 United States Navy
N49288 dd 1946 TALOA Transocean Air Lines
AP-ADL leased 9/48 – 1949 PAK-AIR
N49288 returned 1949 TALOA Transocean Air Lines
G-ASPN British Eagle International Airlines
G-ASPN Invicta International Airlines
ZS-IRE Africair Ltd April 1972
A2-ZGU Wenela Air Services June 1972
9Q-CWP Groupe Litho Moboti Aviation (GLM Aviation)
Stored at Kinshasa following an engine failure.
Seen in that condition in July 1991

c/n 10337
Wenela Air Services (Africair)
Rand Airport November 1976
Photograph: Kjell O. Granlund Collection

c/n 10337
Groupe Litho Moboti (GLM)
Kinshasa, N’Djili Airport 16 October 1990
Photograph: Michel Anciaux

c/n 10337
Groupe Litho Moboti (GLM)
25 November 1995
Photograph: Michel Anciaux